Steve Rogers + being adorable

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#this is why you can’t join the avengers peter for fuck’s sake

It’s only 10 pm why am I laughing so hard at the eyes on his mask getting wider

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❝Does my uniform make me look fat?❞
- Insecurity guard (via katiebishop)

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No, friendship is NOT about “supporting your friends even when you know they’re wrong.”

That’s not friendship. That’s being an enabler. That’s being an accomplice.

Friendship is loving someone enough to tell them to stop being a goddamn idiot before they ruin their lives.




I’m just gonna let the world figure this out

What does this mean???? Help????

Wait for it

omg its legend-dairy

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Lou & Sophia at the wedding





i’m so sorry but if you have “works at tumblr” on your facebook profile no hard feelings man but stay as far away from me as u possibly can


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This Is Getting Out Of Hand.png


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David Beckham and his sons get GOLD slimed after he accepts the 2014 KCS GOLDEN blimp!

i bet this is the color of his sperm.

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Ana Teresa Barboza

The craft of embroidery is known for having remained largely unchanged since its ancient origins, but even this ancient handicraft has room for innovation. Peruvian embroiderer and artist Ana Teresa Barboza creates embroidered natural landscapes that spill out of of their wooden frames, using threads of various size, color and length to invade our world.

Using embroidery, yarn, and and wool artist Ana Teresa Barboza creates landscapes and other imagery that exists in the space between tapestry and sculpture. Mimicking the flow of waves or grass, each piece seems to tumble from its embroidery hoop where it flows down the gallery wall.

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So I follow my aunties on pintrest for like sharing recipes and stuff but today one of them posted this gif:


and they’re all commenting like “the perfect man” and “what all women want ;)” and stuff like that

And I’m over here laughing my ass off because that’s gay porn star, Austin Wolf. This gif is from a gay porno. Like, literally 5 seconds after this moment, he has a cock in his mouth.

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